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Our Approach

Time-Tested and Proven

We serve our clients with an approach that, at its core, is time-tested and proven, yet constantly evolving to support the unique needs of clients and their industries as well as the ever-changing landscape of technology and customer expectations.

While the conceptual development and thought leadership that comes from our vast experience brings great value to our clients, we also recognize that more often than not our clients need more than just advice and direction, but every pair of hands at their disposal to execute on a plan. Therefore, we approach every client project with the intention of rolling up our sleeves to get the job done. This, combined with our front-line experience gives us the credibility we need in order to ensure successful implementation and adoption of technology, process and other solutions. We do this by engaging employees at all levels of your organization from agent to executive.

When we bring agents, supervisors and/or other functional employees of your operation together for a focus group, an application design session, a requirements gathering meeting or a process review, we are able to connect with them on their level because we meet them where they are. They can tell that we have sat where they sit, faced the challenges they face, and wanted what they want—the tools and support to achieve success on every customer interaction. Our expert knowledge of the industry enables us to develop and optimize solutions for your operation. Our keen ability to connect with, listen to, and understand your staff—which comes from a shared experience–is critical to adoption and successful execution of those solutions.

Change Management

Our approach to change management is often heavily focused on the adoption of new technologies and processes by a contact center’s agent population and their immediate supervisors. We go about this by engaging these critical stakeholders as early as possible in the process. We recognize that they hear the voice of our client’s customers all day, and that they have experienced firsthand much of what works and what doesn’t work. By listening to them, we can identify the opportunities for executing and delivering on an executive team’s strategic goals. By sitting side-by-side observing them we can see how aligned the formal structures are with the informal culture around how things get done, along with what falls through the cracks.

While these are great benefits in and of themselves, we also find that having individuals at all levels and across multiple functions of the operation throughout the development of a solution enables us to do “sanity checks” on various aspects along the way and provide further explanation and/or make course corrections along the way. This process helps to ensure not only a solution that can work, but that many of the critical players feel a sense of ownership of and therefore, are willing to adopt far more readily than something they’ve had little or no exposure to.

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